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This fierce lady is Juana Galán. She was a Spanish heroine known for  beating Napoleon’s troops out of her village during the Peninsula War (1808-1814). During the Battle of Valdepeñas in June, 1808, there weren’t enough men to defend the village from invading French troops. Juana, who was about 21 years old at the time, immediately rallied all of the women in the village to plan a defense strategy. When the French troops marched into the village, the women dumped boiling oil on top of them. As for Juana? She stood in the street with a large club and beat seven shades of shit out of any French soldier that crossed her path. The French beat a hasty retreat from the village, never to return, and Juana was declared a hero. Her combined intelligence, courage, beauty, and general badassery make Juana my ultimate history crush.

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    And she died at 25 while giving birth to her second daughter. She defeated trained soldiers but the birth of her little...
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